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23-Aug-2017 19:20

That is fine in a perfect world -- but we are not in a perfect world.

We are all obliged to assess our surroundings from time to time and avoid going where we feel our personal safety is likely to be at risk. The management of Newstalk will show their metal or lack of it in how they face up to or cave in to the bullying tactics of the feminists pressure group.

Surely everybody has a duty to add to their own security and take precautions regarding their own safety.

Nobody said at any point that it was the victims fault, but the simple fact is that there are nasty people out there in the big bad world and we should all be wary for our own good.

He is a decent man - as stated in no way condoned rape, and has been badly let down by Newstalk and vested interests.

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Newstalk 106-108 fm brings you the very best in opinions, analysis, entertainment and sport. They'll still buy the beer and probably spend less on good food!

George Hook entered a proviso in his initial condemnation of rape and confirmed that the people who have been convicted of this crime should be made face the full rigours of the law.

The sisterhood however simply refuse see this and insist that a woman should be free to go where she wishes with no thought to the prospect of any lurking danger.From dawn to dusk, you’ll find the freshest, wittiest and most challenging programming on the Irish airwaves. I have a number of comments about George Hook and Newstalk on my Blog Irish Salem.The one dated 3 October is a summary and has links to the others.

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