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The franchise’s claim to fame, its central premise, is its advocacy for science, non-belligerence, and, above all, multiculturalism.In its fifty-year history, “Star Trek” has cornered the market on tolerance and cosmopolitanism.Even those who have never watched the original series, which aired in the late nineteen-sixties, likely know that it featured the first interracial kiss on network television—between William Shatner’s Captain Kirk and Nichelle Nichols’s Lieutenant Uhura.And intergalactic office romance is really the least of it.

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The captain of the Enterprise in “The Next Generation” was a Frenchman from Bordeaux (though he spoke impeccable Oxbridge English). G.” explored much more than space: it sketched the contours of a modern utopia in which people, freed from material want, could pursue knowledge, justice, and the greater good.Very quickly, the comments section was filled with garden-variety Trekkie gripes—the Klingons looked weird, there was too much lens flare, the dialogue was hammy, the uniforms were non-canonical.Many commenters, though, were clearly appalled by the absence of white men in command positions.Finally, Poloyagan Beach have rocky outcroppings and coral reefs so one should be careful in trekking them. all good people come together and fuck kill all the bad people!

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being the United States in 2017, Internet trolls are accusing “Star Trek: Discovery,” the newest incarnation of the sci-fi franchise, due to début on television in the fall, of white genocide.And then there was “Voyager,” whose captain, played by Kate Mulgrew, was the only woman to serve as a central character in any of the “Star Trek” series—until Yeoh and Martin-Green.