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11-Dec-2017 17:39

He married producer Susan Levin in 2005, and the couple welcomed their first child together on February 7, 2012. On November 4, 2014, Downey and Levin welcomed their second child, a daughter named Avri.

In December 2015, California Governor Jerry Brown pardoned Downey for the 1996 drug conviction that sent him to prison for a year., starring Calista Flockhart.

For the next several years, Downey's life was a haze of headline-generating, dependency induced mistakes and their consequences.

There was a 12-month stay in prison, and another visit to drug rehab.

It had been 24 years since Sarah Jessica Parker and Robert Downey Jr. In a new interview with Howard Stern on Tuesday, October 18 — her first-ever with the radio host — the Divorce actress revealed that it wasn’t awkward at all to see her ex.

By this time, the 27-year-old Downey had come to be seen as one of the most gifted actors of his generation, but he had also earned a reputation as a troubled and controversial figure in Hollywood.

In the wake of his critical success with Downey's personal life had expanded, too. Two years later, the couple had a son, Indio, naming friend and actor, Anthony Michael Hall, as the boy's godfather.

If Downey was ever really grounded by his new status as husband and father, it was short-lived.

He earned praise for his comic turn as a shifty soap opera producer in (1992), directed by Richard Attenborough.

In the highly acclaimed film, which didn't go over nearly as well with audiences as with critics, Downey nimbly portrayed the legendary Charlie Chaplin from ages 19 to 83.

I'm just this guy who has a really strong sense of wanting home and wanting foundation and having not had it, I now choose to create it.”“Until ['Less Than Zero'], I took my drugs after work and on the weekends.

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