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22-Sep-2017 16:25

Great news, Running Man returns this Friday with 23 new episodes!!

Prepare for zany quests, hilarious antics, and insane betrayals.

Assigned to a lifeguard boat, Shauni is involved in the rescue of a woman and her young daughter, but when ordered to perform CPR on the girl, she freezes, unable to act.

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Eddie Kramer is the top rookie in the rookie class of '89, and Shauni Mc Clain is one of the last ones to qualify.

Notes: Richard Jaeckel who plays Al Gibson in this episode, also played Lieutenant, later Captain, Ben Edwards from 1991-1994.

Gina Hecht plays Gina Pomeroy in the pilot, but Holly Gagnier takes over the role in subsequent episodes.

After Mitch swims down to the boat to investigate, he returns to a rescue boat for scuba gear, while Al dives down into the boat and reaches the survivors through a hole in the boat's hull.

Mitch and Al manage to rescue the survivors, but in the process, Al's legs are tangled in a fishing net, and he drowns before resurfacing.

Music: "Look Out Any Window" and "The Show Goes On" performed by Bruce Hornsby & The Range, "Slave to Love" performed by Bryan Ferry, "Dirty Dancing" performed by Diana De Witt.